Sunday, October 31, 2010


This beautiful baby girl is 3 months old and sweet as can be. She was so happy once she was fed and got cozy in the "magic blanket" in a basket (and Brock paid her a visit to show her his toy). It was a pleasure to meet her mommy & grandma and spend time with her auntie. I hope they love her preview photos...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zoe's Tutu Couture

Enjoyed a fun afternoon with Zoe and her parents while shooting the website photos for Zoe's Tutu Couture! Zoe's mommy makes amazing quality tutus and they are more affordable than any ones I've seen...and they're SO full, not skimpy! I'll be using them exclusively in my studio now because they totally more durable than my previous ones...made by me, HA! The tutus are adorable, but it's difficult to focus on the product when there's a pretty little princess with a cute expression in every photo! Thanks for being such a great model, Zoe!

Caden & Jesse

These adorable little guys are hilarious! They sure were difficult to capture...and I'm not even talking about with my camera! :) They did take a few moments to give Brock some love and kept calling him "baby", even though they are only about 8 months older than him...made my heart melt. I must admit though, that my favorite part of this session was watching these sweeties play outside with their mom & dad...too precious. What a great family...thank you so much for being so nice to my "baby".

Monday, October 25, 2010


Sweet little Tyler came for his studio session and just in time for Halloween! I had a wonderful afternoon visiting with his mommy and daddy...& Brock loved having them all too! Tyler was so excited for his photo shoot that he didn't want to go to sleep, but eventually he gave in...and we stuck him a pumpkin!!! Maybe he was on to our plan all along...that's why he didn't want to fall asleep! His pumpkin photo is one of my all-time favorites and totally worth the wait! Thanks for letting me cuddle with you all afternoon precious little made my day (don't tell Brock I said that)! ;)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cross, Cashton & Saylor

These brothers just adore their little sister & are sooo sweet and patient with her. What a cute little bundle of spunk she is! Thanks for the entertainment kiddos! Here are a few shots for your family to preview...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

GoMOMs Halloween Party

What a wonderful group of parents & multiples I had the pleasure of photographing today! It rained for awhile which made it difficult to get lots of candid shots, but the I'm just glad it held off until the family & sibling portraits were all done! :) Thanks so much for including me in the was great!!