Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beni & Luca

These super cute twin one-year old boys were definitely not interested in being photographed...until the cupcakes were set in front of them! They had their mommy, daddy, and me all laughing harder than they were! Luca was totally content with the cupcake stuffed in his mouth (not to mention his nose)...then, every once in a while, he start to giggle & his whole body would shake! It was hilarious! Beni enjoyed his sugar rush with both of his arms spinning like a windmill...just too funny! They both had frosting & cake crumbs from head to toe (literally, as you can tell by the last photo)! It was a pleasure to meet this family today & I hope they relive these moments while checking out this preview...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Morgan & Jaiden

These 2-year old twin boys are just the cutest ever! Their energy (coupled with the fact that there are two of them) makes them a bit difficult to capture, but when you do...amazing! They both have beautiful eyes and even though it was tough to get some smiles, they sure did light up the room! It was a pleasure to meet them today (their mommy & daddy too), and I hope they enjoy these preview shots!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dominick & Dorothy

These two cuties have the most gorgeous eyes! They are beautiful...just like their mommy! Another one of my dearest, longest friends joined us in our afternoon of photo fun and made it even more memorable! Sweet little Dorothy loved dressing up with all the props and was so gentle when she was playing with Brock. Dominick was very cooperative and helpful, but my favorite quality of his is just how much he loves his mom & sister! He was so patient with Dorothy... letting her cuddle him and when she asked him "Can we hold hands?" for one picture... he took her hand and heart melted! I hope I can raise Brock to be just as wonderful of a big brother as Dominick's mommy did him! Love you all & hope you love your preview...

Brandyn, Aleeya & Camryn

These three adorable bundles of energy added so much fun to the afternoon with their mommy! I'm pretty sure they had more fun playing with Brock & all the other little ones than they did posing for pictures...but by looking at the pictures, you can't tell! They did great and I hope to see them all again soon! Enjoy all these moments captured for you!

Lilly & Claire

These two beautiful girls belong to a long-time friend of mine and it was wonderful to spend the day with them! Lilly is sweet & spunky, and precious little Claire is already sitting up all by herself! They both have sparkling blue eyes, and Lilly is a spitting image of her mommy at that age! Hope they all enjoy their preview...