Sunday, August 28, 2011

What's in a name?

Some people have asked where our little ones got their names...the story starts in Atlanta, just a few months into dating the amazing man I married.

The night before our first flight together, I had the most vivid dream that Keith & I had the most beautiful baby girl. So vivid that when I woke up, I was frantically looking for her for a moment. I decided to tell Keith about my dream while we were on the plane (pretty crazy topic to bring up to a guy you haven't known that long). I told him that I even remembered her name...a name I had never considered or knew anyone to have...her name was "Avery". Keith loved it & I loved it too! To be honest, after that amazing dream, I couldn't imagine naming my possible future daughter anything else.

We couldn't believe we agreed so easily on a girl's name and figured we'd use the rest of the flight to see if it was just easy to agree on a boy's name. Keith told me that he always liked the name "Brock". I wasn't completely sold on it, but didn't dislike it. Our flight landed before we finished our conversation.

When we got into downtown Atlanta, we checked into our hotel & headed to our first place of interest, Centennial Olympic Park. The paths of the park are paved with engraved bricks...almost 500,000 bricks. We were so focused on the other features of the park when we first got there, we didn't notice the bricks until we walked about 3 or 4 yards up the path. We both looked down at the exact same time. I heard Keith say, "Look, Brock!" at the same time I was pointing down and saying, "Look, Avery!" When we looked at where the other was pointing, we noticed they were right next to each other! We couldn't believe it! It was truly meant to be. Out of almost a half million bricks, the first two we stumbled upon were "Brock" and "Avery". We even took a picture because we knew at that moment we hadn't found our children's names...their names found us.

Keith and I just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, 4 days after welcoming our beautiful daughter, Avery Emerson, into the world. The best dream I ever had, finally came true...our family is complete.

We love you Brock & Avery!